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The developed technology in painting with palette knife.

Olga Leviną:

– On a canvas color plays an important role to mood transfer. I like to play these brilliant colourful harmonies which express my temperament. I have developed the technics in painting with palette knife. In this technics of a brush the supporting role is taken away. The main role is played by a palette knife. Paints on a palette are made by palette knife. In parallel a canvas it is brought with the added paint

and it is conducted downwards, hardly concerning a canvas. I want to pay attention, a direction of a palette knife strictly in parallel in relation to a canvas.

The following stage.

And the second color is put on the put surface of a paint on a canvas. Layers the interesting result somewhere mixes up, turns out.

The following color is then directed and put already on turned out surface further. So it is possible to impose layers against each other,

reaching possibilities of transfer of a variety of shades. This way allows to transfer more richly patches of light, shades, reflexes, light, a penumbra, a shade, reflection. Such technics is characteristic only for oil painting. Other paints don't approach.